We all know that talking on a phone and texting while driving are a bad idea.

With the advances in Bluetooth devices, auto and cellphone manufacturers have been developing hands-free options so you can talk and keep both hands on the wheel.

According to the National Safety Council, more than 80% of Americans think that hands-free devices are safer to use, the problem is they cite more than 30 studies that show that hands-free devices are no safer than holding a phone. Either way, your mind is distracted by the call and not fully focused on the task of driving.

The National Safety Council has developed an online Focused Driver Challenge, which is a pledge to stop using your phone behind the wheel and a great way to bring more awareness to the issues associated with distracted driving. Signing the pledge in April makes you eligible for some free gifts. They also provide a link to share the pledge on Facebook.

We recommend you sit down with your teen drivers and discuss this with them. Ask them to take the pledge and share it on their Facebook timeline.

Here are a couple videos you may want to share with your teen (caution: the second link is somewhat graphic and disturbing):


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