Gem Young specializes in a number of industries and business types when it comes to commercial insurance. As a former engineer and engineering major, manufacturing is one that is near and dear to me. Having worked in quality control and other functions I understand the precision that required to put out a safe, functioning, affordable and profitable product.

Insuring a manufacturer is no less precise. There are any number of coverages that could potential make or break a business in the event of claim. And it wouldn’t even need to be a major event. I’ve heard of a fire that lasted only minutes that shut down a production line for 8 months and costs millions of dollars.

Whether you’re involved in casting, engraving, forging, forming or injecting, your business presents unique risks. Of course, we will be able to provide your general liability and property protection along with business auto and even owned trucks. We’ll also talk to you about transit coverage, product recall, workers compensation and employers liability, cyber liability, fidelity, manufacturer’s E&O and whether your products are covered at actual cash value, replacement cost or selling price (it makes a big difference). We’ll also work with you to make sure you business income tracks your actual business and that your covered for any peak seasons.

If your agent hasn’t spoken to you about any of the above things, it might be time to get a second opinion. I’d be happy to sit down with you and provide a free consultation on your business insurance needs. Call me at (330) 533-7941 Ext. 112 or use our Contact Page on our website. 

About Gem-Young

Gem-Young is Western PA and the Mahoning Valley’s premier insurance and financial planning firm with offices located in Canfield and East Liverpool, Ohio. We are a locally owned, family-run business offering home and auto insurance, business insurance, life and health insurance, and a true wealth advisory asset management service. We believe in making a difference in our clients' lives.