As the year draws to a close and you start thinking about about the coming new year, we have a few suggestions on New Year’s resolutions. No, not cutting back on coffee, or quitting smoking or joining a gym. Those are all probably good ideas, but we were thinking of a few things you could resolve to do to improve your insurance situation.

1.) Watch the grades. There’s still a few month left for your driving age student to bring their grades up and qualify for a good student discount. If you miss their spring report cards, the opportunity is lost until next fall.

2.) Get a life insurance quote. What you have through work is probably not enough, and it’s not really yours anyway. Chances are the insurance coverage applies only while employed at that company. Call us and get a quote. It doesn’t cost as much as you think it does, and the process is painless. We promise.

3.) Do a home inventory. There’s lot’s of free apps out there to help you do this, or you can just walk about the house with your phone and talk about the items in your house. Store the video off-site somewhere, like a secure folder on a cloud server. If you should ever have a fire, you’ll be incredibly thankful you took an hour to make that video.

4.) Let us help you. Your Gem Young Risk Management Advisor will be contacting you about reviewing your account prior to your next renewal. Meet with us, help us review your account and make sure you’re getting all the coverages, discounts and endorsements you need.

We hope your 2016 was as successful as ours and we’d like to thank you for all your wonderful support. We’re looking forward to even better things in 2017.


About Gem-Young

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