By Steve Smith


As the Mahoning Valley’s leader in business insurance, Gem Young can insure almost any type of business. One of my specialties is insuring restaurants.

Restaurants are exposed to many types of risks, such as:

  • Damage to refrigerated items due to power outage
  • Higher than normal exposure to fire
  • Additional risk assumed from valet services

We are specialists in these classes of restaurants:

  • Family Style Restaurants
  • Fast Food
  • Fine Dining
  • Limited Cooking

To ensure you’re covered, we can enhance the standard Commercial Package offering (including Liability, Property and Auto) with these unique coverages:

  • Business income provides coverage for the actual loss of income sustained during a policy period due to a covered loss, including health department shutdown.
  • Customers’ property is coverage for a loss to customers’ property while on your premises.
  • Spoilage or contamination by refrigerant covers damage to contents stored in the freezer or refrigerator.
  • Accidental discharge of automatic cooking protection system provides coverage to a loss of covered property caused by an accidental discharge from a kitchen and cooking area automatic fire extinguishing and suppression system.
  • Credit card slips covers amounts you are unable to collect due to a loss or damage to credit card slips.
  • Wine market value pays the value of lost or damaged bottled wine at the price it could have been sold for at the time of the loss.
  • Water back-up of sewers and drains provides coverage for damage caused by water back ups from a sewer, drain or sump.
  • Medical expense extended coverage for bodily injury expenses caused by your product.
  • Others….

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation. I’ll work with you to improve your coverage and, if possible, reduce your premiums as well.

About Gem-Young

Gem-Young is Western PA and the Mahoning Valley’s premier insurance and financial planning firm with offices located in Canfield and East Liverpool, Ohio. We are a locally owned, family-run business offering home and auto insurance, business insurance, life and health insurance, and a true wealth advisory asset management service. We believe in making a difference in our clients' lives.