We’re a family business that does business with individuals and families that require comprehensive risk management for their wealth and their assets. We believe clients want professional advice at a fair value and we deliver that by leveraging our reputation of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and a “get it done right the first time” attitude. We believe in making a difference in our client’s lives.

This is the mission statement of Gem-Young. It’s more than a motto or a slogan, it’s a description of how we do business. We take the time to get to know our clients. We don’t do quotes over the phone and we’re not going to promise to “save you 15% or more on your auto insurance”.

What we will do is sit down with you, learn about you and your family and really take the time to learn about your needs. If you decide to join our family of clients, you can feel confident that your insurance and wealth management needs are being met.

We’re a family business. Leo and Terry Daprile’s father started this business, right here in the Mahoning Valley in 1947. We’re not going anywhere. The entire staff at Gem-Young is involved in the local community. We’re active in our churches and the United Way. Our staff has a soft spot for animal issues and we’re actively involved in volunteering in that area.

In other words, we are you. Contact us today to see how we live up to our mission statement every day. We think you’ll be pleased with the service and kindness you receive.